Date(s) - 01/01/2021 - 01/31/2021
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Red Huskies is excited to be hosting 3 days of trials at Harry Grove Stadium/Nymeo Field in Frederick, MD.

Saturday am L3C

Saturday pm L1C

Sunday NW2

Monday Elite

Premium Frederick Premium 2021

CO: Kristina Leipzig

Judges: Bob Boyles, Garrett Dyer

Original Opening Date: January 7, 2021

Registration Links 

L3C Registration Link

L1C Registration Link

NW2 Registration Link

Elite Registration Link

Volunteer Signup: Frederick Volunteer Sign Up

Wait Lists

6 Replies to “Frederick, MD NACSW Trial Weekend February 13-15, 2021”

  1. I’ve been checked for Covid 19 throughout the summer while I rehabbed a knee, and again periodically before practice with my nosework and obedience teachers. I’m on the list to receive my vaccination against the Covid virus and will receive it as soon as my area of Pennsylvania goes to 1B status since I am 79 years of age. I will bring proof of this status with me to the trial.

    1. Konnie, unfortunately I am not at liberty to make exceptions for Maryland’s travel requirements. Proof of vaccination (one or two doses) is not a substitute for a negative COVID test or quarantine at this time. If/when Maryland chooses to allow that exemption, proof will be required at that time. Participants should recognize that this is not a “trial requirement” I am setting, but the state’s requirement that I am obligated to enforce. That being said, if you are a Pennsylvania resident, you are currently exempt from Maryland’s travel restrictions. I do not know Pennsylvania’s travel restrictions for you to travel to/from your own state, but on the Maryland side, you are currently exempt from restrictions to enter. This may change, so please keep checking. -Jen

    1. Hi Chrisanne, Thanks for asking. The premium states that registrants will be notified the results of the random draw by Jan 13. If you entered after the initial draw period you are not included in this list. Confirmed entries are selected first from the random draw, and if this if full, late entires are immediately put on a wait list. If there was space available, you would receive a confirmation letter. If you didn’t receive a confirmation entry, you are waitlisted and will be notified should a space in the trial becomes available and possibly if you are high on the wait list and likely to be offered a spot. I will check your entries and see where you are. The trials are full, but there has been a lot of movement.

      1. Are you no longer doing waitlists?
        I did get an email stating I was on the waitlist but the only thing I know from that email is that at that time I was not in the top 10 on the waitlist.
        Thank you

        1. I am maintaining a waitlist but not one published at this time. You are not in the top 20. During COVID people see what number they are to make a judgement and write off the trial, but what they don’t see on waitlists that I can’t publish is where the people are located or their level of comfort accepting a position, so if suddenly I get a travel restriction, a person who is 25 on the list may wind up being 3rd on the list in a matter of an hour. I have gone through entire wait lists of 40 people in one swoop and I have had trials where everyone local got in and no one dropped. I would keep optimistic.

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